Monthly Prayer Notes

The Romanian Aid Foundation – November 2017

RoAF is essentially a faith-based organisation that relies on prayer. Prayer is our connection with God’s ultimate power source and, without prayer support, this work would achieve nothing of lasting value. This month sees 25 years since Jon and Richard’s first venture into delivering aid to northern Romania. Like most of the early trips, it was envisaged as a one-off, but this month will also see the 8th and 9th lorries for this year alone. Typically, over 10 tons of aid is carried on each lorry, meaning that since consistent records started in 2007 over 1,100 tons of aid valued at over £1 million has been taken to north-eastern Romania.

Give thanks …

1. For God’s provision for all the needs of the past 25 years, despite the vagaries of warehousing, vehicles, road conditions and border crossings.
2. For all those who are or have been involved – collecting, packing, driving, distributing, sponsoring, praying – all valuable contributions.

Please pray …

1. That a spiritual harvest might one day arise from the hearts of the people that we have been helping in God’s name.
2. For God’s guidance in the future of these activities.

Asociaţia Neemia – November 2017

EU policies designed to protect Romania’s forests have lead to a shortage of firewood this year and prices have risen. This will have severe impacts on the many households that rely on wood for cooking and for winter heating. AN has not been able to repeat the practice of previous years of donating firewood to needy families and we anticipate that this will lead to an increase in the number of families seeking help with electricity bills and gas bottle purchases.
At Casa Neemia the priority has been on final preparations for residents to move in. The last jobs before the outside construction season ends are the laying of footpaths and the installation of balustrades to the balconies; Thanks to a large donation from Emmaus Fellowship in Lampeter, these tasks are now substantially complete. Internally there is still plenty to do but at least four young people will have a warmer winter as a result of this progress. The first resident, Elena, has already moved into one of the lower rooms and started in her role of caretaker. She has agreed to take care of the communal areas – kitchen, living, hall – and indeed has already demonstrated her ability to make sure all is well looked after. It may come as a surprise that the first resident is female but she comes highly recommended both as a competent custodian and as a potential stabilising influence. She is 27 and grew up in care, alongside many boys and is quite capable of looking after herself and making sure the other residents keep the house rules too.
The number of Christmas boxes is down on last year’s total so there will no doubt be some disappointments but we have also received a large number of teddy bears with knitted apparel following a venture by Calico Kate in Lampeter. You can read the story in full here (but not until after you have read our news!)
Evenings are getting dark and winter is nearly upon us, and the requests for warm clothing increase. The yellow jackets are particularly popular – mainly for their warmth rather than any road safety benefit!

Give thanks …

1. For good stocks of warm winter clothing and bedding.
2. For the donated food which will replenish our stocks and enable us to continue our support of households in need.
3. For the location of spare parts that will help keep the Kangoo running.

Please pray …

1. For decisions about the choice of further residents for Casa Neemia.
2. For the distribution of Christmas shoeboxes – a reduction in the overall number means that there will not be enough for all who want them.
3. For the resilience of our staff during a busy and difficult time of year.
– UPDATE – Last month we asked you to pray about a resolution of the difficulties involving the onward transfer of designated aid to Ukraine. Within a few days of that request the matter was resolved, but only after 4 hours at Romanian customs to get export permits and a further 5 hours on the border!

This month’s photos:

This month’s photos come from the RoAF archives:
– Clive tops off the load at Salfords.
– Jon and Richard pause for a cuppa en-route.
– Villagers turned out en-masse to help unload.

There's still space up here!Renewing their strengthA village event

More details in the RoAF photo gallery


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