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The Romanian Aid Foundation – September 2017

RoAF is essentially a faith-based organisation that relies on prayer. Prayer is our connection with God’s ultimate power source and, without prayer support, this work would achieve nothing of lasting value. On this page we offer some prayer pointers, but please feel free to add your own items as they come to mind.

The manager of the Sainsbury’s store in Billingshurst has agreed to RoAF holding a food appeal outside the store later in the autumn. A previous collection was very successful but volunteers are needed to staff the event and explain our work to those who will contribute.

Give thanks …

1. For the team who have already half-loaded the next lorry from south and west Wales with clothing, rice, oil and other aid items.
2. For fresh stocks of knitwear, ready in anticipation of the coming winter.

Please pray …

1. For the new packing session; that donors and packers alike will be blessed as they seek to show God’s concern for the needy around us.
2. For the shoe box appeal which will start its new season shortly – it’s not too early to think about Christmas!

Asociaţia Neemia – September 2017

During the past month we have enjoyed visits from representatives of Reigate Baptist Church and Project Hope in Paisley. Two very different styles of visit but both bringing blessings to people here and also to those who came and those who supported them.
Some of the Reigate team concentrated on refurbishing an old house for a village family and provided the family with a cooker, washing machine and some essential furniture. The rest of the group worked with two of our associated charities to organise some holiday activities for children in
several deprived locations. They were able to leave a quantity of handicraft materials, helping the two charities to continue their work.
By contrast, the lads from Paisley helped to make good progress on work at Casa Neemia. Their involvement has resulted in the laundry being completed, and this room is now fully functional. They are also going home with fresh memories and new skills.
A new feature of both visits was a day trip away from work, which allowed our visitors to see a bit more of Romania, rather than just the many sad scenes around Dorohoi. The Reigate group enjoyed a ride on a steam-hauled former logging railway; the Paisley team experienced a cable chair lift in the mountains near Suceava.
Meanwhile the work at Casa Neemia continues; tiling on the upper floor and stairs has been completed and a healthy crop of potatoes has been lifted from the garden at the house. These will be shared with the families that are registered for help from AN.

Give thanks …

1. For the visitors from Reigate and Paisley and their contributions to AN’s work in Dorohoi.
2. A good crop of sunflowers on the land at AN’s warehouse.

Please pray …

1. For ongoing contact with our summer visitors; especially that promises of support will materialise into blessings for all involved.
2. For safe passage for the two lorries due to leave Billingshurst and Swansea respectively at the end of this month.

This month’s photos:

Our photos show some of the month’s activities:
– Reflecting on a job well done.
– A healthy crop from the garden at Casa Neemia
– Cabinet assembly, Paisley style.

ReflectionsPotatoesThe Scottish Cabinet

More details in the RoAF photo gallery


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