News from Asociatia Neemia, May 2024

Packing at Horley Baptist Church continues on the first and third Friday of each month until August. We can now receive donated items of clothing, bedding and similar items at the church on packing days only. Currently at Horley we are preparing about 40 boxes per month; additional boxes are being prepared in south Wales.

Our lorry departure planned for 20th April has been delayed We know of two other charities who have had aid consignments that failed the customs inspections and were refused permission to unload. We are proud of the diligence and quality of work of our packing teams but we need to take the time to be particularly attentive to the quality of the items we send, especially how they are presented and documented.

Recently we were able to participate in a food collection appeal at three local supermarkets. The appeal was initiated by a national food-bank and, locally, involved both AN and the Centre of Hope in Dorohoi. Teams comprising volunteers from both organisations and local churches were on hand to receive donations of basic foodstuffs such as flour, rice, etc, in advance of the Orthodox Easter. (3-5 May). About 3 tons of food was received, which will be distributed to needy families or used to provide meals at the Centre of Hope.

This collection was in addition to continuing to receive short-dated perishables as previously described. In the first three months of this year we received food with retail values averaging £9,600 per month. This food, which might otherwise have been thrown away, often includes items such as fresh fish, dairy products and imported fruit but it has to be distributed in a way that does not compromise the stores’ own sales. Our documentation has to show that the food is given only to people who would not be able to afford those items for themselves.

This month’s featured photos

Volunteer collectors at local supermarkets: Penny Market, Dorohoi … Penny Market, Darabani … Lidl, Dorohoi

Penny Market, Dorohoi Penny Market, Darabani Lidl, Dorohoi

Food recipients: Vaculesti … Darabani … Dorohoi

Vaculesti Darabani Dorohoi

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