Assistance for Refugees

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Our humanitarian aid activities in Romania are based in Dorohoi which is just 15 miles from the border with Ukraine at its nearest point; the official crossing points are further away but still within easy reach. During the past few days our activities have been focused on helping the women and children fleeing Ukraine (most men are no longer allowed to leave).

Our help for refugees is provided through two principal initiatives.
– Several of our staff have friends and family who have contacts with other charities, and we have shared bedding and knitwear with them.
We have been able to supply bedding, toys, and other items to many places that are offering this type of accommodation, including both charitable and municipal initiatives.

– The accommodation at Casa Neemia has been rearranged so that we can offer a secure respite and hot meals to those who need them.
For the most part, the refugees stay in our area for only a day or two, pausing for rest before continuing their journey to family and friends already established further west. For them Casa Neemia offers a secure place to rest, good meals and a restoration of hope. Work has already started on expanding the accommodation facilities to allow us to offer help to more families.

A minority of refugees decide to stay in this area, feeling closer to their loved ones at home. We have been able to help prepare facilities for them too, as well as making our resources directly available to them as individuals. The refugees are able to obtain clothing and other items from our office in Dorohoi and several groups have treated themselves at our shop.

Our special thanks go to all those who donated bedding, knitwear and other items throughout the past year. We had no idea as to why we should have such a large quantity, but God knew there was a need coming.

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Published, 15 Mar 2022: Page updated, 16 Mar 2022