News from Asociatia Neemia, January 2019

: Posted by Steve Humphreys : Published, 04 Jan 2019

Looking back at last January’s Prayer Notes it appears that a simple repetition of what was written then would still be relevant – price rises, cold weather, poor prospects, people who are hungry and cold. Of course there are differences in the details – the price rises are on top of last year’s, the weather is not (yet) quite so cold, 315 additional households received donated items for the first time in 2018 – but AN’s day-to-day activities continue much as usual. The annual review for last year is due shortly and, rather than repeat the review’s content, this gives the opportunity to try something different for this month’s Prayer Notes.

Isabela is three years old and lives with her family in a small village some 20 miles from Dorohoi. She was born with a heart defect and needed a series of medical interventions. Some RoAF supporters undertook to pray for her and contributed to the costs of the operations, which were deemed to be successful. Isabela now has a good prognosis and her family is receiving some state help towards her return to complete health.

Samira, aged four, lives in the same village. RoAF supporters with long memories may recall that we helped her mother, Petruta, who was rescued from an orphanage as a baby and brought up by her grandparents. Samira has been diagnosed with a form of blood disorder for which she is undergoing chemotherapy. This is a great burden for her parents and her great-grandparents, especially as Petruta has had to give up her job in order to care for Samira.

  • Our Annual Review for 2018 has been published – a printable pdf file can be accessed here.
  • An update for Casa Neemia is also available here.
This month’s featured photos
  • Isabela after treatment.
  • Samira before the start of her treatment.
  • Samira during her treatment.
Isabela after treatment Samira before the start of her treatment Samira during her treatment

Last month’s performance statistics

These statistics give a snapshot of our aid-related activities last month.
[table id=<6> /]

Stats notes:
– Joiners are new registrants this month, Leavers are are those whose latest recorded donation was 12 months ago.
– Value of stock includes items which have been used in AN projects but not yet written out of these accounts.
– Items marked as “?” are awaiting final returns for the month.

The figures for December 2018 are lower than those of the same month in 2017; this is largely due to reduction in the number of shoeboxes available for distribution.

Previous month, December 2018

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