News from Asociatia Neemia, October 2018

: Posted by Steve Humphreys : Published, 05 Oct 2018

Summer is over (apart from the occasional flash-back), schools are back in session and the time left to prepare for the coming winter is passing quickly. Historically, Autumn can be quite short in northern Romania and already some areas have experienced frosts and even some snow. In rural areas the last of the crops are being gathered in, the firewood is being chopped and those who have the luxury of a winter wardrobe are giving it an airing. The comprehensive load which arrived recently included several tons of oil, rice, flour and sugar, plus a stock of fleeces and other clothing which will be available to address two of these needs. However, restrictions on the cutting of firewood are making it increasingly difficult to acquire legally and therefore more expensive. A typical retired couple in an old village house might use some 5 cu mtr of wood for cooking and heating during the winter, at a cost equivalent to two months’ pension.

For those following the progress of Isabela, the girl born with a severe heart defect, there is good news. An examination last month showed that the previous operations had been successful and that she has no need for further intervention. Her parents have described this as a miracle; many thanks to those who prayed for Isabela and supported her family.

Recently a young couple who had been living in poor quality rented accommodation had the opportunity to buy a flat for themselves. We have known them for a long time and were happy to help guide them through the negotiations and the legal procedures.

This month’s featured photos
  • Oil, rice, sugar and flour from a charity in west Wales.
  • Duvets and bedding ready for transport from Billingshurst.
  • Chopping firewood warms you twice.
Oil, rice, sugar and flour from a charity in west Wales Duvets and bedding ready for transport from Billingshurst Chopping firewood warms you twice

Last month’s performance statistics

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