News from Asociatia Neemia, June 2022

: Posted by Steve Humphreys : Published, 08 Jun 2022

The UK teams have been successful in assembling enough items to be able to send another lorry during this month. Along with about 7 tons of clothing, bedding and shoes there will be toys, medical items and household goods. We will also be able to send 1 ton of rice, donated by a charity in west Wales. Once again, on behalf of those who will be the eventual recipients of these items, we express thanks to all those who have been involved in the donation, preparation and loading of these goods and to those who support this work with time, finances and prayer.

This month we have another letter from one of the Ukrainian families staying long-term at Casa Neemia. Anya and Valentina write:
Our family came from Ukraine. I am the mother, Anya, with my son Nazar (age 11, see photo) and grandmother Valentina. We came from the city of Krivoy Rog. We lived quietly, calmly and did not know what awaited us when on February 24th it was announced that the war had begun. It became scary for days on end, the sirens began to boom. The happy life of Ukrainians ended with the word war. The sound of sirens, explosions and fires, the murder of children, women and the elderly, and violence. In order to save them we had to leave Ukraine.

We were evacuated to Romania. We thank Romania for protecting us in Dorohoi. We were given peace and shelter for my family. With God’s help we were received by good hospitable people. We are grateful to Beni for his kindness and care. We are well fed and settled in a large room.

My son Nazar has a congenital heart disease; he underwent two heart surgeries and two ear surgeries. Now Beni and Angelica are helping us in caring for our son, taking us to the hospital, buying medicine for him.

All our lives we will thank the hearty Romanians for saving us from grief. We pray for them, God bless them and their children.

At the end of May a team from AN was able to go into western Ukraine, taking clothing, food and hygiene items. Although there was no actual fighting in that area the economic impacts of the war were very obvious; the goods that they took will be shared with those in particular need.

Our normal activities have continued as usual; thankfully we are still able to supply food and clothing to those who request them. The growing season started a little late this year but now Casa Neemia residents are helping to cultivate the garden there and also the land at the warehouse.

This month’s featured photos
  • Casa Neemia garden
  • Helping refugee families
  • Aid delivery to Ukraine

Outdoor vegetables Polytunnel irrigation Polytunnel ventilation
A recent arrival A boy from Ukraine
A load for Chernauti Ready for distribution Soup and beans

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