News from Asociatia Neemia, March 2022

: Posted by Steve Humphreys : Published, 04 Mar 2022

Just three months after emptying their warehouse, the team at Billingshurst is now reporting that they have reached capacity again and are ready to send a lorry as soon as it can be accepted. In south Wales too we have received generous quantities of items, to the point where storage once again threatens to be a major concern.

Our activities in Romania are based in Dorohoi which is just 15 miles from the border with Ukraine at its nearest point; the official crossing points are further away but still within easy reach. Refugees from Ukraine are arriving in this area and there are many social organisations, church groups and individuals who are offering them help of various kinds. However, in a document of this type, it is impossible to give a detailed update on the situation as it evolves hour by hour.

Many refugees have arrived with only what they could carry. Thanks to the hard work and generosity of many people in the UK we have a stock of clothing, knitwear and bedding left after the winter, and some of these items have already been sent to those who are providing front line relief and addressing immediate needs. Several of our staff have friends and family who have contacts with other charities, and we have shared bedding and knitwear with them. Many of the arrivals prefer to head towards established Ukrainian communities further west but our help will continue to be offered to those who decide to stay in this area. Romania is on the eastern flank of both NATO and the EU. It is one of those countries where an aggressor might choose to test the resolution and abilities of those two organisations. This is an unsettling thought but we know that everything is still under God’s control.

During the past few days our activities have been focused on helping the women and children fleeing Ukraine (men are no longer allowed to leave). The accommodation at Casa Neemia has been rearranged so that we can offer a secure respite and hot meals to those who need them. For the most part, the refugees stay in our area for only a day or two, pausing for rest before continuing their journey to family and friends already established further west. We have been able to supply bedding, toys, and other items to many places that are offering this type of accommodation, including both charitable and municipal initiatives. A minority of refugees decide to stay in this area, feeling closer to their loved ones at home. We have been able to help prepare facilities for them too, as well as making our resources directly available to them as individuals.

Our special thanks go to all those who donated bedding, knitwear and other items throughout the past year; we are sharing them with several organisations that are providing temporary accommodation for refugees from Ukraine. We had no idea as to why we should have such a large quantity, but God knew there was a need coming.

Throughout February we continued to provide clothing, footwear and bedding to our ‘regulars’ plus to some new households. Items such as crutches, incontinence aids and wheelchairs are still in demand, as are toys and stationery. However, it remains to be seen to what extend we can continue to receive these items under the terms of the new regulations.

Some customs areas do not allow toys as essential aid – presumably those officials do not have children or grandchildren of their own!

This month’s featured photos
  • Bedding from UK: ready for dispatch and delivery
  • Volunteers greet refugees with blankets from RoAF-AN (© Star of Hope)
  • A warm room was prepared by the Havirna council

Bedding in UK awaiting despatch Loading blankets from the AN warehouse A volunteer takes blankets to the border
Star of Hope volunteers offer blankets at the border Star of Hope volunteers offer blankets at the border Star of Hope volunteers offer blankets at the border
Overnight respite for those travelling further Overnight respite for those travelling further

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