News from Asociatia Neemia, May 2023

: Posted by Steve Humphreys : Published, 05 May 2023

Last month’s Prayer Notes were a bit negative in tone, concentrating on what we cannot do and without any pictures to liven the content. This month we are happy to report that no news – certainly no negative news – seems to be good news. There has been no further come-back from the recent examination of our activities in Romania and we are still making donations from our current stock in Dorohoi. Meanwhile, in the UK, our packing teams continue to work through the items currently in the warehouses ensuring that items being prepared for transport do comply with our understanding of the current requirements. They anticipate being ready to send more supplies in the next month or so. We continue to be grateful for the loyal support of our donors and packing teams.

In Romania, we have received sponsorship for the local purchase of fleece blankets, which we are giving to young mums and families with small children. Bicycles and some types of furniture are welcome too but we can only donate soft toys from the stocks that we already have.

In Dorohoi, our integrated community of Romanians and Ukrainians continues to demonstrate good co-operation between the residents and staff at Casa Neemia; this is the season for planting the vegetable gardens and also, it seems, for celebrating birthdays. For the past few months we have received some third-party sponsorship to help with the costs of providing accommodation for our Ukrainian guests. This arrangement is currently up for review.

This month’s featured photos
  • The Donations Continue
  • Preparing the Polytunnel
  • Birthdays at Casa Neemia

Sponsored blanket Man with bicycle Furniture, toys,etc
Rotovator Seedlings Planting out
Chocolate cake A bunch of flowers Cream cake

This is also the season for planting the land at our warehouse. As dormant seeds lying below ground are not very photogenic, we have included some photos of last year’s crop of maize being brought into store. This will be milled into flour for donation to our beneficiaries during the coming months.

  • Bringing in the Harvest
  • Discharging the combine Transferring the crop In store pending processing

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