News from Asociatia Neemia, June 2019

: Posted by Steve Humphreys : Published, 07 Jun 2019

Plans are being finalised for two deliveries to Dorohoi this month. On the 13th, Richard and Linda will leave Lampeter taking a load full of items from west Wales, Richard’s 100th aid delivery to Romania. The Horley team will be sending a truck from the Billingshurst warehouse on the 29th June. Richard’s load will include some two tons of rice and oil donated by a charity in Wales whilst the Billingshurst load will contain lighter bulky items such as bedding and mobility aids. Packing volunteers are always appreciated at both locations.

Catalin Tudosanu lives in a village some 20 miles east of Dorohoi. He has been a cripple for many years but always has a positive attitude. He works as a cobbler and his primary means of transport has been an old hand-propelled tricycle. Now, following the arrival of surfaced roads in the village, the use of a mobility scooter becomes a realistic option. Our team in west Wales was able to source one and Catalin is delighted.

Most of the items that we donate are normal every-day needs such as clothing, food and household essentials but from time to time we do get offered larger items. Another such donation was a large larder-fridge which completed the final part of its journey to Sendriceni on a horse-drawn cart.

The preparations for the annual children’s camp are underway taking place during the 17th-22nd of June, the first week of the school holidays in Romania. The camp is in the eastern foothills of the Carpathian range and is operated with a Christian ethos. We usually take about 40 children aged 10-15, selected mainly from those families registered with AN, plus a few ‘Church’ children to show them the ropes. Our group will be there at the same time as a number of children from Dorohoi social services, and there is usually good interaction between the two groups. Once again the camp accommodation has been sponsored by our south Wales team and the Horley team has agreed to cover the cost of transport.

The new VW Caddy has entered service but there is an understandable reluctance to get it dirty in the current wet weather. Despite that, Beni has had one occasion to call upon the 4×4 function, satisfactorily demonstrating its ability to handle the type of unsurfaced roads that are still common in this area. Ironically, the Kangoo has behaved itself since it was threatened with dismissal!

Security cameras have been installed at Casa Neemia. These cover access to the building and the surrounding area but do not intrude on the privacy of the residents. The images can be viewed remotely which Beni finds useful for checking whether the polytunnel has been closed properly!

This month’s featured photos
  • Catalin goes electric
  • Horse-drawn fridge
  • Images of camp


The old tricycle The new scooter
Fridge on cart Fridge on cart
Camp refectory Arriving at camp

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